Creamer Media – Projects in Progress (Africa and South America)

MEMSA has a subscription to the Creamer Media’s Projects in Progress database and reports, with permission to share extracted and adapted information with members. Alternatively, as the SA mining supply chain works to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, and simultaneously to grow into new markets, you can click below to view the spreadsheet of current mining projects in Africa and South America. 


Trademap Tutorial Webinar

This webinar provides a quick tutorial on how to use basic Trade Map functions, and also gives and overview of some of the more sophisticated tools. Trade Map is an incredibly useful trade data tool which is free to use by residents and organisations in developing countries. It aggregates data from the UN Comtrade Database and even directly from customs data provided by countries, and makes it easily accessible. It is possible to obtain recent and historical import and export data for any product or group of products by HS codes, to and from any country or group of countries the user defines. Further there are more advanced analytical tools and maps available to understand current and potential trade via maps, ratios etc. To use the range of options, create a free login. Click the video below to watch the tutorial.