4IR and Mining Technologies Webinar Series 2021

1. Unpacking 4IR Webinar: 4IR and the Mandela Mining Precinct

On Thursday, 04 March 2021, MEMSA hosted the first 4IR and Mining Technology webinar series. The webinar provided updates of recent developments on the Real-Time Information Management Systems (RTIMS) program at the Mandela Mining Precinct led by Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe (Programme Manager).

2.Unpacking 4IR: Context and Drivers for 4IR in the Mining Supply Chain

On Thursday, 11 March 2021, MEMSA hosted it’s second 4IR and Mining Technology webinar series. The presentation was focusing on the context and drivers for 4IR in the mining supply chain.

3.Unpacking 4IR: Conversations and Concepts

On Thursday, 01 April 2021, MEMSA hosted the third 4IR and Mining Technology webinar series. The presentation focused on recap from the previous webinars, how TRLs relate to 4IR technologies, and a new section focusing on challenges and opportunities related to ESG, leadership, management, and ownership.

If you’d like to get deeper into any of the topics we discussed during the webinar, you can contact us on the contacts details below:

MEMSA: Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren (MEMSA Office) at admin@memsa.org.za or 083 235 1233

Mandela Mining Precinct: Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe (Programme Manager: Real-Time Information Management System) at jverhaeghe@mandelaminingprecinct.org.za or 083 645 1677