MEMSA’s roots go back to 2015 when it became clear that SA mining manufacturers had much to gain from putting their voices and efforts together in support of the industry. The mining industry as a whole was facing tough conditions, yet mechanisation on mines, and the Mining Phakisa process meant there were new opportunities for wealth and job creation. Transformation would be an essential part of the process. Anton (Aard Mining Equipment) and Robert Alcaraz from Rham played leading roles at this point. With support from the dti, Anton herded an initially uncertain group of competitors into one room, and motivated strongly for the benefits of cooperative competition.

After officially being elected as Chair, with Ulrich as deputy, Anton’s energy and leadership kept MEMSA on track and focused on its key objectives at all times: supporting the localisation of mine equipment manufacture in South Africa, and the expansion and growth of the industry.

Anton steered the MEMSA vehicle through the new territories of establishing a Non Profit Company and successfully applying for dti funding. It was on his initiative that MEMSA developed a participative governance structure with members making inputs in the July Members’ Workshop, and subsequently guiding programme implementation through task teams. Further, Anton has kept the relationship between dti and MEMSA, and between MEMSA and the Chamber of Mines as priorities.

With MEMSA now firmly on its feet, and a 2-year terms as Chair complete, Anton has decided to assume an advisory role on the Board, where he remains an executive director. This has allowed Freddy Mugeri to be elected as chair, and bring ‘next generation’ energy to MEMSA’s leadership.

MEMSA and the SA mining equipment industry owes Anton a huge Thank You, and is privileged that he will stay ‘on board’, continuing to contribute his considerable energy, experience and insight (read more about Anton here).