MEMSA CEO & Programmes Manager


MEMSA (Mining Equipment Manufacturers of SA) is seeking to engage an energetic self-starter as its CEO and Programmes Manager on a full or part time basis to grow the cluster and support the sustainable development of the SA mining supply chain. The focus of the  contract is on building the internal sustainability and value contribution of the cluster through recruitment, fund raising and high visibility projects delivering value to members and the SA mining ecosystem.

MEMSA is a non-profit company (NPC) and its offices are located within the Mining Precinct in Auckland Park, Johannesburg; at present its office operates virtually. MEMSA employs a coordinator, and two graduate assistants working on administration, communications and research (for more info see


  • Liaise with MEMSA’s members to ensure the relevance of MEMSA as the cluster NPC representing the interests of local mining equipment manufacturers.;
  • Recruit new member companies, with a target of increasing membership to 70in the first year and 100 by the end of the second year (current membership 35). Thereby achieve sustainable revenue levels and reserves;
  • Raise external funds to contribute to sustainability and support project implementation;
  • Implementation of high visibility value add projects including innovation and manufacturing excellence awards, participation in/hosting of exhibitions, conferences, webinars and networking events; and development of a mechanism to provide expert guidance and support to members in the process of identifying and applying for relevant state incentives;
  • Oversight and guidance of MEMSA’s ongoing activities in the areas of Technology Development, Localisation, Marketing, Networking and Information, and Manufacturing Excellence, including participation in key meetings;
  • Liaise with MEMSA’s partners including the Mandela Mining Precinct and SAMERDI research programmes; government (the dtic, DSI, DMRE, MHSC), the Minerals Council of South Africa, SACEEC, SAMPEC and MEMSA equivalents in key African markets, for the purpose of advocacy and partnership development;
  • Manage and oversee implementation of funding agreements, and related reporting;
  • Manage and/or oversee  human, physical and information resources in the MEMSA office;
  • Manage and/or oversee  financial resources, record keeping and reporting;
  • Develop and oversee implementation of annual and quarterly strategic plans, with guidance and input from the MEMSA Board;
  • Participate on the MEMSA board, and report to the board on a quarterly basis.

Requisite Skills

  • Networking, presentation and relationship building skills applicable to both the private sector and government;
  • Managerial skills and experience;
  • Project management and reporting;
  • Mining technology development or mining machinery manufacturing or strong marketing and communication in manufacturing environments;
  • The ability to analyse, comprehend and think strategically about public and private sector policies and strategies relating to industrial development;
  • Fund raising experience or experience in recruiting members to join voluntary organizations like MEMSA would be advantageous.


  • Minimum qualification: engineering degree or BSc Hons or BCom in Marketing / Communications
  • At least 5 years’ experience in either mining or capital goods (machinery & equipment) manufacturing or sales;
  • Experience in technology development (R&D) would be advantageous;
  • Established networks (contacts) within the mining industry would also be advantageous.


Please send CV and a brief motivation on why you would be suitable for this job to the MEMSA office at by 12 March 2021, call 0832351233 with any queries.

Be part of the Mandela Mining Precinct.