COVID-19 Suppliers

This page will be used to list COVID-19 essential goods suppliers recommended by MEMSA and MEMSA members to assist in procurement.

The following are the details of  MEMSA members and associate approved suppliers of COVID-19 supplying Personal Protective Equipment recommended as per Health and Occupational Safety Act to create working environments promoting reduction and risks of COVID-19 infection and spreading.

 1.Novatek Drills (Pty) Ltd robust sanitizer trolleys

They are offering robust trolleys with hand or foot sprays with sanitiser or without. These trolleys are mobile and can be situated at strategic points in the place of business. Suitable for high traffic areas shown in the images below:


They are also providing suitable water-based hand sanitizer (Approval Certificate Provided).

Contact details as follows and more on the products details can be downloaded below:

Maureen Otto

082 448 5622/011 210 0700

2. A9 Media Design & Advertising Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and associated services

A9 Media is the supplier of COVID-19 Prevention Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and associated services listed as follows;

  • Sanitiser & Disinfectant Soaps
  • Long Term Disinfectant Sprays and Room Foggers
  • Preventative Screens
  • Various face Shields and Masks (re-usable and disposable)
  • PPE and awareness Hardware including hands-free sanitising stands, wall mounted sanitiser units,  various floor stand frames for awareness advertising and lollipop stands for signage or awareness advertising

Contact details as follows  and more details on the products can be downloaded below:

Anine Kukard
Tel: +27 82 572 1946

3. The Production Technologies Industry in South Africa (PTSA)

A number of PtSA Members are manufacturing and supplying products to help in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. We have listed a number of these companies and their products on the document below.

4. BT Industrial Group – Premium Black FFP2 Mask

BT Industrial Group produce FFP2 mask which comply to SA and EU medical standards, these mask are normally used in many industries and mines as a standard safety practice even before covid-19. Their factory is located in Germiston.

Contact details are as follows and more details on the products can be downloaded below:

Founder and Group Managing Director: Mr Kgomotso Lekola

Mobile number: 083 212 4740