EMIA Export Marketing Incentives

On 17 May 2018 MEMSA hosted a Networking and Growth Session on Export Marketing and Incentives including EMIA , SSAS and HS Codes at the Mandela Mining Precinct. The session had been arranged with support from the dti and SACEEC.  Presentations on the export incentives were made by the dti officials who work directly with the incentives. The result was a  very successful workshop which opened a door for engagement between industry and government.

Presentations on export support incentives covered can be found below:

EMIA Export Marketing Incentives

The Export Marketing and Investment Assistance (EMIA) is the dti scheme that develops export markets for South African products and services and to recruit new foreign direct investment into the country.The EMIA Objectives include Provision of marketing assistance to develop new export markets and grow existing export markets;assist with the identification of new export markets through market research;sssist companies to increase their competitive by supporting patent registrations, quality marks and product marks;assist with facilitation to grow FDI through missions and FDI research; and increase the contribution of black-owned businesses and SMMEs to South Africa’s economy.Eligible enterprises for EMIA incentives are South African manufactures and exporters;South African export trading houses representing at least three SMMEs or businesses owned by Historical Disadvantaged Individuals (HDIs);South African commission agents representing at least three SMMEs / HDI-owned businesses; and South African exports councils, industry associations and JAGs representing at least five South African entities.

The EMIA export marketing information and the incentives guidelines and application forms can be found below or on the following link :


Group Offerings

The EMIA group offerings include the National Pavilions, Outward Selling Trade Missions, Outward Investment Recruitment Missions, Inward-Buying Trade Missions (IBMs) and Inward Investment Missions (IIMs).The IBMs and IIMs can be applied with or by the  export councils.A company may participate in the maximum of six group offerings per calendar year and  upto four times per cartegory (pavilions or four outward missions).


Individual Offerings

The EMIA individual offerings include the Individual Exhibitions (IE) and Instore Promotions (IP), Primary Export Market Research (PMR) and Foreign Direct Investment Research (FDI) Scheme and Individual Inward-Bound Mission (IIMs). Individual Participation  is limited to four participations per calendar year.