Riis hosted a Au ideation session in Orkney, North West. The aim of the session was to encourage ideas and collaboration in the gold mining industry.

Clen Cook from Riis

A keynote address was given by Terrence Goodleigh, where he highlighted that it is crucial for the industry to change. And that although there are minor changes, the approach to mining is still the same. He also encouraged the change of capital use of the resources that we have. Terrence brought with him a prop of a Dinosaur and Joy stick to highlight change over time, he referred to it as Jurassic to Joy stick, he added that although the Joy stick is outdated, the mining industry has not yet approached that phase.

Keynote Speaker: Terrence Goodleigh

Throughout the day, delegates were seated at different tables and given questions to discuss as a group. The questions included;

  1. What does the future of gold mining mean to me?
  2. What is the future of gold mining? As a commodity or an industry.
  3. What question, if answered would make a difference in the gold industry?
  4. What interventions need to be implemented?
  5. What technology would have an impact on a Gold mine, today

After this discussion session, we were given three questions, and had to come up with ideas to address them. Each delegate was given an idea sheet, where the people seated at the same table were to build on the initial idea, or come up with a new one. The questions included:

  1. How to improve a blast?
  2. How to double productivity?
  3. How to achieve zero harm?