Why Join MEMSA?

Be part of a deliberate collective effort to grow the market share of SA-made mine equipment in South Africa, SADC and beyond, and to realise the potential that holds for wealth, job and enterprise creation. MEMSA has the support of government and private sector partners, and has come into existence at a time of great challenges and opportunities for our industry. We believe cooperation has as much of a role to play as healthy competition.

How to join:

Send an email to admin@memsa.org.za or fill in the contact form. Our office will respond with the relevant documentation, and answer any queries. Joining MEMSA involves completing a formal membership application form (link below), signing the Memorandum of Incorporation (your company will be a member of the NPC), and paying membership fees.

Membership benefits, as our programmes roll out from July 2017…

  • Networking with peers and partners, buyers and suppliers
  • Visibility – marketing SA Mining Equipment Manufacturers is our first priority
  • Engage collaboratively with mining trends and challenges
  • Learn through targeted resources, workshops and conferences
  • Support for technological development and manufacturing excellence
  • Advocacy on issues of shared interest

Our membership criteria:

Your company is eligible if it is a registered, tax paying entity which manufactures mining related products, components and equipment; if it is at least 26% local (South African) owned and if the local content of your mining-related products is at least 65%.
Companies with a greater focus on mineral processing equipment should join SAMPEC.
(Futher criteria are available here or on membership enquiry.)


Joining fee: R4000; R2000 for SMEs, and R1000 for EMEs.
Annual Membership fee: based on turnover to the mining sector. This money is used to leverage co-funding from the dti for approved programmes.

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