It is widely recognised that the Mining industry is transitioning through the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, in some areas very rapidly (and further accelerated by the pandemic), in others more gradually. South African equipment manufacturers are responding to the challenges, however there is a risk of falling behind global trends. The very nature of technology integration required indicates that collaboration and information sharing is key – most OEMs will incorporate or need to interface with third party technologies and services. Further, the speed and level of sophistication of new developments means that sharing learning and resources can be a competitive advantage.
MEMSA is commencing with two linked initiatives to support members in ‘riding the wave’ of change:
1) Monthly cluster Interest Group meetings where members can develop a shared understanding of challenges, and successful ways to navigate these. Meetings will incorporate sharing of member experience and case studies, discussion of current issues, identification of common challenges, and input by experts.
The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 16 February at 10am, online, with MEMSA member Sedna Industrial IT providing an overview of trends, challenges and opportunities based on their experience, followed by an open discussion.  Please look out for a calendar invite.
2) A series of webinars on 4IR and Mining by Jean-Jacques Verhaeghe, RTIMS programme manager, aimed at bringing all interested members up to speed on the core trends and issues for manufacturers. These webinars, commencing in March, will empower the cluster to move forward productively as individual companies, and collaboratively where that makes sense. Click here to access the 4IR webinars resources.
Minerals Council of SA Report
The Minerals Council and PWC released their first annual report on 4IR and the SA Mining Industry, and invited the MEMSA board to the online launch on the 1st of February.
The full report structured around 10 key findings is attached, and the presentation can be downloaded here:
3) 4IR Study on related skills needs in the mining equipment manufacturing industry

The 4IR continues to progress through the manufacturing and mining industries, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Skill sets which meet the demands of new, digitally enabled industries are essential to success in this context, and education and training providers need to respond by providing relevant courses and qualifications. MEMSA is conducting a study to improve understanding of the skills requirements in the mining equipment manufacturing industry. MEMSA has requested proposals from suitably qualified and experienced service providers for the role of Research Service Provider in the implementation of a study of 4IR related skills needs among South African mining equipment manufacturers. The study is funded and supported by the merSETA.


Refer companies interested in joining MEMSA to contact us and view membership information on the Join button on our website.

If you’d like to get deeper into any of the topics we discussed during the webinar, you can contact Elizabeth Jansen van Vuuren (MEMSA Office) at or 083 235 1233