Mine Health and Safety Council Workshop

The Mine Health and Safety Council (MHSC) hosted two technology workshops on Winches & Accessories (W&A) and Trackless Mobile Machineries (TMMs) in September 2020 respectively. The purpose of the workshops was to obtain inputs from industry on the material that the MHSC can package to assist in addressing Health and Safety Issues related to the specified technologies. MEMSA as one of the key stakeholders on behalf of OEMs formed part of the workshops. Fermel offered an excellent presentation on safety mechanisms within an LHD, and prospective member WPD Group demonstrated a novel application of proximity detection to Winches. The presentations provided the OEMs’ perspective on improving health and safety through technological advances.

1. Winches and Accessories Workshop

On 04 September 2020, MEMSA had the opportunity to participate on Winches and Accessories (W&A) virtual workshop hosted by the MHSC in collaboration with MOSH and the Minerals Council. T

The WPD Group presented the CAS (Collison Avoidance System) and PDS (Personnel Detection System) as applied to safety around winch operation. Their system is now scalable and modular, and can be adopted in any winch layout with proximity signal attenuators every 6 meters. Their system can also be used in finding missing persons using the tag encapsulated in the mine lamp. Data recording of events are logged and send to surface on a normal telephone line.

Click below to access the MHSC presentation on W&A Workshop:

2. Trackless Mobile Machineries (TMMs) Workshop

MEMSA also participated on Trackless Mining Machinery (TMMs) virtual workshop hosted by the Mine Health and Safety Council on the 11 September 2020.  MEMSA were given a slots to present new safety innovations and improvements in the safe use of our equipment and Fermel grabbed the opportunity to display their advancements on the CAS and PDS requirements.

Click below to access all the MHSC presentation for the TMMs Workshop