MEMSA is delighted to announce that Freddy Mugeri accepted nomination as the new Chairman of the MEMSA Board of Directors. Anton Wheeler, MEMSA’s first Chair, stepped down at the end of his term on the 10th of November. Read more about his contribution to MEMSA’s establishment and evolution here.

Freddy was elected as director in October 2016, and has served the Board with great energy since then. His background in banking and finance has been invaluable, and the Board has benefited from his focus on getting things done efficiently. Freddy currently heads to Networking & Information and Localisation & Supply Chain Task Teams, and as such already plays a very active role in realising MEMSA’s vision.

Transformation is another issue close to his heart, and one which he will be monitoring with the other directors – each task team is responsible for defining the transformation aspects of its activities, when reporting.

Freddy’s career spans finance, entrepreneurship and deepening involvement in the mining equipment industry, via Fabchem Mining and its subsidiary, Conax Mining Equipment. In addition to his role on MEMSA’s Board, he is also a SACEEC Board member, and plays a liaison function between the two organisations.

MEMSA looks forward to continuing its evolution under Freddy’s helm. Ulrich Kienle has agreed to continue in his role as Deputy Chair, until an additional director has been selected to join the Board and take on that position.