Late last year MEMSA started a consultative process to develop a 2-year business plan, encompassing the operation of a Cluster Office and Project Management function, as well as several programmes to implement its Vision and Objectives.
This business plan formed the basis of MEMSA’s funding application to the dti’s Cluster Development Programme, finalised early in 2017. This month, the application was approved by the dti.
Key programmes* that will be supported on an 80/20 basis (80% of budget covered by dti, 20% by members) include
– The bulk of operational costs of the office project management function
– Marketing
– Networking and Information Dissemination
– Localisation and Supply Chain Development
– Technology Development and IP Protection
– Skills Development
And Manufacturing Excellence.
With the organisation now able to operate sustainably over a two year period, we are excited to expand our work from the current advocacy function to engage more broadly and effectively with members, the industry and partners.