The Mandela Mining Precinct was established in 2016 and represents a partnership between the SA government and the Minerals Council of South Africa, focused on revitalising the SA Mining Industry through research, development and innovation.

The impetus for this initiative originated in the 2015 Mining Phakisa, which identified the important role of local RDI and manufacture of capital equipment an inputs, in leveraging the economic benefits of mining for the country.

With the SA Minerals and Extraction Research, Development and Innovation strategy now actively being implemented through six research streams (coordinated from the MMP), work at the Precinct will expand to encompass support for the development of the SA Mining Supply Chain. This initiative comes at an opportune time, when Mining Charter 3 has created an unprecedented platform for local supply to mines.

Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) has been contracted to lay the foundation for the envisaged mining supply chain development support function, and seeks to subcontract in the services of a suitable consultant on a short term basis (approx. 1 month), commencing by early May, in order to develop a business plan for the new Supply Chain Development Capacity at the MMP.

The selected consultant will have at least a Masters Degree in a relevant subject area, and at least ten years’ experience in the fields of Mining Supply Chain and/or Mineral Value Chain Development.

Interested individuals or entities should provide

a) A CV or profile, including documentation supporting relevant qualifications and work experience;

b) A Cover Letter Motivating their suitability for the contract, and indicating when they would be available to commence work on either a part or full time basis.

Please email these documents to admin@memsa.org.za with the subject Short Term Consultant – Business Plan to admin@memsa.org.za, or call 011 Elizabeth on 011 358 001 with any queries.