PtSA Gauteng Networking Session

 Networking Session

PtSA (Production Technologies Association of South Africa) is to host a networking session at Gauteng.

Date: Thursday, 17 October 2019

Venue: NTIP Offices, 265 West Ave, Centurion

Time: 18:00 for 18:30

Contact Details:

Bel @ 021 931 0070


Discussions will be on the following topics:

  • Opportunities for localisation in mining equipment manufacture
  • Advancements in milling technology
  • Extracts from the recent future production technologies convention

Production technology provides the means that enables the manufacture of all manufatured goods, it gives an industrial nation the power to turn raw materials into goods which are essential for a prosperous society and thus power a growing and stable economy that leads to rising standards of living.

Typical Manufacturing technologies include:

  • Dies for metal pressing,stamping,punching and forming
  • Injection and compression moulds
  • Jigs and fixturers
  • Assembly systems and robotics
  • Gauging and measuring systems
  • Precision components