We would like to explore possibilities to partner with a South African company to commercialise this technology through further development (if required), manufacture, assembly and sales into the local and international arena. In the South African mining industry our RADIALcvt technology has the potential of replacing imported transmissions and gearboxes, while it opens up an opportunity of exporting a patent protected superior product internationally. The RADIALcvt can also play an important role towards electrification and the implementation of alternative fuel based and hybrid mining vehicles.”

The session will comprise the following:

· Brief introduction of the Varibox RADIALcvt technology

· Possible applications and configurations

· Explanation of the components with the view to explore manufacturing opportunities

Unique features of the opportunity for MEMSA members:

· The Varibox RADIALcvt is unmatched in terms of simplicity and efficiency

· Strong international patent portfolio

· Tested prototype