As the first full-time CEO for MEMSA, Mr. Molloyi has committed to tackling several key challenges facing members, import displacement and tariffs, levelling the playing field for local and foreign OEMS for imported components vs complete imports, legislative and compliance requirements, availability of funding and institutional support.

BBBEE alignment of legislation and policy on issues of local content, and BEE levels and the balancing of legislation with will at a company level.

Access to funding for R&D, the growth of the South African mining supply chain requires research, development and innovation. Investing internally for R&D is a very real challenge, often leaving some innovations left in limbo.

Standardisation and coding of key equipment and the terminology to assist in tenders and the procurement process.

African Trade – localisation is key to boosting manufacturing and employment in countries across Africa and there is much room for improvement and growth when it comes to partnering with cross-border companies in Africa.

African Mining will be interviewing member companies in the coming months to showcase innovative solutions on offer to the mining industry. MEMSA has already taken on four new members since Molloyi has joined, and there are plans to grow this substantially, as MEMSA adds value to the industry as a whole.

Projects -

The survey and case study components of MEMSAs merSETA-funded research on 4IR related skills needs in the SA mining equipment manufacturing industry have been completed. Early findings indicate a gradual deployment of selected 4IR technologies in the industry, requiring increased access to skills including data analysis, AI, mechatronics, internet of things, strategic business management and change management. 

Advocacy -

MEMSA supports the extension of the 11d R&D tax incentive, with improvements in accessibility, and made a submission to Treasury in this regard.