A key function of an industry cluster organisation is to build partnerships with state and private sector bodies to increase communication and leverage collaboration towards cluster objectives. For our members benefit MEMSA have several strategic partner programmes which are aimed at driving technology development, competitiveness and best practice transformation in the South African mining equipment sector.

The Mechanised Drill & Blast programme, one of six programmes of the South African Mining Extraction, Research, Development and Innovation (SAMERDI) strategy, aims to provide sustainable mechanised solutions to the gold and platinum mining industries.
With technology development comes the need for testing and demonstration, and the Precinct’s Test Mine programme is set to improve access to real mine testing environments. MEMSA contributed funds to the feasibility study for the establishment of an underground Test Mine facility at Royal Bafokeng Platinum’s Maseve Mine, and the CEO continues as representative on the Test Mine Steering Committee. Members are expected to commence use of the facility in 2023.
SA has a long, rich mining history which provide fertile ground for the development of an innovative mining equipment industry, with a great depth of expertise - agile manufacturers, specialised in meeting the needs of the local mining industry. The MEMSA Innovation Awards provides a platform to raise awareness and appreciation of this innovative spirit as well as raise the profile of MEMSA itself.
Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) was delighted to present its inaugural Manufacturing Excellence Awards in October 2022. Aimed at showcasing and further motivating the exceptional qualities of a home grown, internationally competitive industry South Africa can be proud of, MEMSA was proud to share the stage with the SEIFSA Awards for Excellence. We regard this event as an excellent context for the launch of our awards and a prime example of the power of collaboration. It is the first time the two industry bodies have joined forces on an event and its success further highlights the need for the industry to work more closely together.
SATCAP research agenda addresses modernisation and the impact on jobs (creation and displacement) and skills requirement (both re-skilling and up-skilling) with the aim of developing the framework for a modern workforce for a modern mine.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is presenting an unique opportunity for electronics, equipment and machinery manufacturers to collaborate with mining clients on developing solutions within technological ecosystems designed to increase efficiencies, safety, profitability and the life of mines (LoM).
The Mandela Mining Precinct (MMP) and Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) have launched the Technology Availability and Readiness Atlas (TARA).