MEMSA’s Programmes are all aimed at realising its Vision, to positioning SA mining capital goods, components & product manufacturers as a cost competitive, innovative and transformative industrial cluster which is the preferred supplier to the local, regional and global markets.
Programmes are implemented under the guidance of Task Teams consisting of Members and Stakeholders.


Advocacy is a key role for any cluster organisation. MEMSA will continue building partnerships with government and the mining industry, while monitoring the impact of legislation on equipment manufacturers, and highlighting ways in which the South African mining equipment industry can best be supported to reach its potential for growth and job creation.


MEMSA’S Marketing Programme is focused on developing awareness of South African mining equipment products and capabilities in the local and regional (SADC) markets. MEMSA will engage with potential customers and partners via digital media, print, reporting media, exhibitions and events.


Transformation is key to the sustainability of the South African mining equipment manufacturing industry. The Transformation Programme ensures that MEMSA actively contributes to transformation via its programmes, operation and support for Members’ efforts to achieve targets and improve their BBBEE rating.

Localisation and Supply Chain Development

This Programme will work at the level of South African OEMs by supporting import replacement and the local development of technology and IP. At the same time, MEMSA will support improvement, localisation and transformation in the supply chains of local OEMs. To achieve these goals, MEMSA will cooperate with partners to develop supplier databases, and engage in knowledge building through research, industry workshops and a Supply Chain Conference. MEMSA facilitates collaboration among members to offer integrated product solutions, meeting local and international mining challenges.

Networking and Information

While competition is healthy, international experience shows that relationship building within clusters develops opportunities for collaboration and information sharing, and ultimately growth for cluster members, including emerging companies. Beyond the cluster, communication with potential partners and customers underlies strategic development. Information resources are made available through the MEMSA website, via the Resources page and the Members’ Area. In addition, MEMSA is organising a series of Networking and Growth Sessions for members focusing on topics such as Exporting, Accessing Funding and Incentives, and IP Management.

Skills Development

Skills development at various levels is essential to the long-term sustainability and success of the industry in South Africa. MEMSA’s initial focus will be to undertake a thorough skills needs assessment; thereafter it will work in a focused way with partner organisations to ensure a sustainable stream of strongly skilled individuals into mining equipment manufacture.

Other Programmes

​MEMSA is actively exploring opportunities for collaboration with partner organisations to provide members with support in the areas of Technology Development; competitiveness (Manufacturing Excellence); and access to infrastructure (a Test Site).