Mechanised Drill & Blast Programme

This programme focuses on providing sustainable mechanised solutions to the gold and platinum mining industries through the Isidingo Drill Design Challenge launched in 2018.

Two MEMSA members, HPE and Novatek, delivered drill prototypes to the Mandela Mining Precinct where they were successfully tested, illustrating both Novatek and HPE’s adherence to the primary objective of enhancing the performance of the drill, reducing unnecessary exposure of operators to dangerous conditions and immediately contributing to zero harm.

The innovation challenge illustrated an agility, efficiency and flexibility not often seen in traditional research and development (R&D) approaches.

The outcomes aim to facilitate:

  • Zero harm; 
  • Achieve financially sound underground mining operations with consistent production rates at optimal cost

These aims will be considered for each process within
the mining cycle such as:

  • Early entry and temporary support + Drilling
  • Charging and blasting + Cleaning
  • Permanent support + Tramming
  • Services