Podcasts & Videos

MEMSA hosts several in-person and on-line events designed to share vital and valuable information on a broad range of topics with our members. 

These recordings and videos are for the exclusive access of our members - we hope you enjoy them.

Podcast: Making the Most of IP Basics of IP and IP protection

Mining Equipment Manufacturers of South Africa (MEMSA) hosted a webinars on IP protection 

The workshop was aimed at members and companies who are in the early years of developing IP, and developing expertise at protecting their IP. Employees in established companies who are new to dealing with IP, also benefitted.

Presented by Louw Steyn, a partner at Spoor & Fisher; qualified and highly experienced in this field - his past webinars have proven enlightening and informative.

Topics covered included:

- Types of IP 

- How these can be protected?

- When to consider protecting IP?

- Typical costs

- Can you DIY? When do you need professional assistance?

The workshop will equip members with a starter understanding IP and how to protect it, and enable participants to take part in further workshops in the series.

Webinars to follow will focus on:

  1. Making effective use of the dtic's incentive for protection of IP in export markets
  2. Realities of IP protection, how and when to register patents, costs, benefits and risks
  3. Commercialisation of IP developed by third parties (with the CSIR and at least one university).


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