We strive to bring value to our members through the collaboration, and the sharing of information and opportunities, from a wide variety of partners and stakeholders. 

Antofagasta, Chile: Opportunities for foreign companies in the mining & energy sectors

South America has always been an important export market for South African equipment for mining manufacturers, and in recent years has been a site for South African manufacturing investment. This is a relationship built over years of cooperation and collaboration.

Exponor's recently hosted webinar explores some of these opportunities.





Watch the webinar - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1slbb59OkzGrulqouMjz8Cl_AmlKT6lVf/view?usp=drive_link

Doing Business in Botswana

South Africa's relations on the continent are increasingly important in creating secure and sustainable regional value chains, to leverage the value of Africa’s rich mineral resources. In line with the objectives of the African Mining Vision and the AfCFTA, MEMSA and SAMPEC seek to facilitate engagement between our members and local supply chains and mining markets on the continent. Specifically, we believe that fruitful trade and partnerships are possible between South Africa and Botswana, given synergies resulting from mineral resources, and the role of each country within its regional context.
This industry-led webinar encouraged frank and practical dialogue and shared experience. Participants had the opportunity to learn from companies already actively involved in the country, as well as the mining companies they supply. Panels unpacked the current state of mining in the country amid new policies, regulations and agreements.
The panel discussion Policy - Cooperation and Collaboration unpacked the theme of ‘Policy dictates 'how' we do business and creates opportunities, be it in investment, innovation for enhanced safety and profitability, or support for environmental sustainability’.

There is no substitute for knowledge gained from being 'on the ground', however we can draw on the experience of fellow members in open and frank discussion, and in the practical sharing of information. On the Ground,a panel of cluster members already active and successful in the region shared their knowledge of the region through a series of questions and answers.

Watch the recording https://youtu.be/hdMGr8z13QU

Industrial Parks Futures Dialogue: : Progress and Charting of the Way Forward for the Industrial Parks Revitalisation Programme

MEMSA attended the Industrial Parks Futures Dialogue hosted on behalf of colleagues from the convening institutions – the dtic: Mr Thami Klassen; National Treasury: Mr Rudewaan Arendse; NCPC-SA: Mr Bernd Oellermann.

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